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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  August 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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press box. for media, scouts, coaches. it was finded by a bond package approved by voters for high school football. >> the friday night lights. you're right. you know, everything is bigger in texas. >> yep. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. if. caught on camera. a look at what cameras on a ride-on bus captured as it slammed into a silver spring house. and isaac gets stronger. residents from florida to new orleans keeping a close eye on that storm. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" on this friday, august 24th, 2012. live look outside at 5:00 a.m. 73 degrees. a touch more humid but i'm not complaining about the weather. >> no. meteorologist tom kierein is here to break it all down for us. >> thankfully, it's not that
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sweltering humidity we usually get in august. it's looking very pleasant. we do have quite a bit of high cloudiness coming over you. you might see a little bit of venus and jupiter trying to shine through the cloud cover that's streaming up out of the south coming from a coastal area. trough of low pressure that's right around the outer banks, spreading some showers and some downpours there. and this is going to be creeping right along our coastline during the weekend. and as a result, we're going to have a lot of clouds back farther west for saturday and sunday. i'll have the details on that coming up right now, though, no travel problems as you head off to work and school early on this friday morning. all of these areas in the light green are in the 60s. that includes just about all of virginia, all of maryland, the eastern shore. only a few locations out here in western maryland and west virgin virginia. they've dipped down into the upper 50s to around 60. here is your hour-by-hour forecast for the day. by 6:00 a.m., an hour from now, we'll be in the 60s, mild, mostly cloudy. a little sun in and out after
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that through the les of the hour and your lunch hour. by mid afternoon, mid and upper 80s. sunshine in and out. cloud back up by late afternoon. we'll be in the low 80s. a look at your friday evening planner as well as another hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella as a look at traffic. now, your first 4 traffic. >> thanks, tom. right now i'm checking bridges in the area. and road work. actually utility work continues today as you cross the key bridge. so as you make your way outbound, you can see the work zone is in place. you are being directed by the crewmen there. here's what's going to happen. as you approach, approach with caution and follow directions. that should be up momentarily. it was up yesterday right around about 5:30. i'll keep watch that for you and let you know when the lanes open back up. crossing over the emergency legion bridge, no issues. on the outer loop heading into virginia and inner loop, nice and clear. no volume, no accidents. as you cross the 14th street bridge, nice as you head into d.c. again, no accidents in this
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area. but if you're traveling 395 northbound keep in mind still see that report of disabled vehicle at seminary roadblock that right lane. aaron and eun? >> thanks. right now tropical storm isaac creeping closer to the u.s. coast. haiti and the dominican republic will feel the brunt of the storm today before it moves over cuba. the track is taking it farther west where it could become a potential threat to the gulf coast. >> the shift of the track means republicaning gathering for the national convention in tampa will likely avoid a direct hit. but the city isn't completely out of woods yet. storm could start causing problems as early as sunday night. yesterday crews installed tents and rain shelter to provide cover in case of downpours. high winds and flooding are still expected. tampa's mayor says the city is ready. >> in terms of an actual evacuation of the city of tampa that is my call. behaven't been hit by a hurricane in 90 years. but we plan for this every year. >> more than 65,000 people are expected to attend the convention starting monday.
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and don't forget we'll have complete coverage of the republican national convention. aaron and julie carey will bring you live reports from tampa, florida, all next week. and we'll also bring you live coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte next month. new questions are surfacing at mitt romney's time at bain capital and dealings after he left. the website gawker released 00 pages of internal banist vestment document, hedge fund information, and internal audits. the documents also show certain tax loopholes romneyal lenledly used in order to pay less in taxes. he repeatedly stated he will not release any more tax returns during the run-up to november's elections. the legendary cyclist announced he's dropping his appeal against the u.s. antidoping agency. armstrong is accused of using performance enhancing drugs. the u.s. ada will ban armstrong from professional cycling for life and looking into weather to
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strip him of his seven tour de france titles. he released a statement saying in part, quote, there comes a point in every man's life when he has to say enough is enough. today, i turn the page. i will no longer address this iss issue, regardless of the circumstances. he says he will continue to work with his live strong foundation which helps people and families effected by cancer. new this morning, a man is in grave condition after being shot in the head in northeast d.c. this happened just after 10:00 last night on rhode island avenue not far from the metro station. police found the man unconscious. he was not breathing. rhode island avenue was closed down for several hours while police investigated. so far no, word on suspecting. a news 4 exclusive now. this morning a look at what happened on a ride-on bus as it slammed into a silver spring home. take a look. the crash happened monday morning as the driver was at tenting to make a right turn from state side drive. video cameras inside and outside the bus show the driver trying to regain control of the vehicle.
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passengers were thrown from their seats and on to the floor. the bus slammed into a little girl's bedroom. she was at the school at the time of the crash, but her father says the accident was too close for comfort. >> it weighs on my daughter, seeing her bedroom destroyed like that. she's been having nightmares since monday. having dreams about this accident. and we've been trying to calm her down. >> no one on board the bus or inside the house was seriously hurt. the damage is estimated at more thank $100,000. the house has since been condemned. family and friends will gather to remember two women killed in is a train derailment. elizabeth nass and rose mayr died on tuesday. police say the 19-year-olds were sitting on a train bridge. they were buried in coal when they train derailed. the funeral mass for nass will be held later this morning in ellicott city. she was a student at james madison university.
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mayr was a nursing student at the university of delaware. her viewing is set for this evening. her funeral will take place tomorrow, also in ellicott city. a prince george's county community is in mourning today over the murder of a teenage girl. police say late wednesday night a man broke into the home and shot and killed 17-year-old amber stanley. stanley, a senior at charles flowers high school, was an honor student and dreams of going to harvard. >> well, she's very applicable young lady. students loved her. students loved her. she was very active in our school community. just a huge loss for us all. her classmates and her teachers are going through the grieving process. >> stanley lived with her mother and older sister and her child and a teenage foster sister. news 4 learned police visited the home recently because of a reported assault on amber's foster sister. it's unclear if that incident has any connection to the murder. coming up on eight minutes after the hour, still ahead, new
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found freedom for casey anthony. will she come out of hiding? plus, the latest information on a missing journalist. why his parents have become so concerned. weekend rain. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work. this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement...
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gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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you can help welcome home the redskins today at 100 chon
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to help raise pony for the team's charities. the annual luncheon is the only events that allows fans to minkle with every member of the 2012 redskins squad. it starts at 11:00 this morning at the marriott in northwest. tickets are still available on the team's website for $175. if you can't make it you with watch the redskins take on the colts in preseason action right here on nbc4. the game starts at 4:00 p.m. go skins. >> i'm walking away from this game today proud of everything that i ever done. my run was great here, you know. everything i did, the opportunities that i had, the people that i met, the teammates, it was wonderful, man. i appreciate y'all. i appreciate my fans. >> good-bye from the man who made us laugh so much. clinton portis put aside the alter egos for a heartfelt retirement announcement yesterday. it brings to a closing a nine-year career that saw portis become the second leading rusher
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in redskins history. >> think about doing what you love for so long and then having to walk away at some point. >> yeah. and the team loved. >> yeah. >> very heartfelt. >> yeah. 11 now after the hour. let's check in with tom kierein for today's forecast and through the weekend, tom? >> good morning. time for your weather and traffic. right now early on this friday morning you don't have any travel problems weatherwise around the region. quite a bit of cloudiness and temperatures in the 60s. that includes haymarket, hometown forecast. by noontime, mid 80s there. and for the entire region, hour by hour today, we'll be in the 60s. 6:00 a.m. noontime, low 80s to mid 80s. and upper 80s mid afternoon. a little sunshine in and out this morning, late morning through midday. but then clouding up late afternoon and for the evening we'll be down to near 80 by 8:00 p.m. by 10:00 p.m., the mid 70s. and by midnight, low swepts. look at changes for the weekend. we'll take a look at that coming up in in ten minutes. now, danella, how is traffic? >> checking on the beltway at
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prince george's county. two work zones set up. the first one as you pass i-95 on the outer loop, the other one at ken worth avenue on the outer lo loop. they're both gone. live look past 50 on the beltway. in both directions, volume very light in prince george's county. and you're accident free. travel speeds, checking that outer loop, 59 miles per hour. that drive taking you about nine minutes. and if you're taking the the rails, checking them, not see anything delay just yet on the met metro, the marc, or vre. all are running on or close to schedule. it is 5:13 right now. ahead on "news4 today," days after being blasted for his con tro verse shul comments on rape, police are now worried about congressman todd akin's safety. plus, college times four if
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welcome back at 5:17. breaking news. firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire in the 1300 block of alabama avenue in southeast washington. firefighters arrived to heavy smoke conditions. d.c. fire just tweeted the few people were rescued. this is across the street from the congress heights metro station. if you were heading to the metro you will see a lot of emergency vehicles in that area. news4 crew is on the way and will bring you more information on the story throughout the morning. for the first time in four years casey anthony can come and go as she pleases. her probation ended at midnight. anthony was acquitted last july in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. anthony was put on probation after being convicted on check fraud charges. her next moves are unclear right now but there are reports that
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she got a new u.s. passport. a maryland lawmaker injured in the boating accident that sent four children to the hospital admits he was drunk when the boats collided. delegate donald dwyer is being tweeted at shock trauma in baltimore. he was driving his motor boat another adult on board. his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when they slammed into a second boat that was pulling two children on a tube near pasadena, maryland. >> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was .2. no one, no one should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or a power boat. >> dwight went on to say that he deeply regrets his actions and is asking for forgiveness from the public. he's a republican member of the house of delegates who has been serving anne arundel county for nine years. fbi and capital police are investigating multiple threats
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republican congressman todd akin. he's the missouri senate candidate who sparked a national controversy this week when he said a woman's body has a way to shut it down after a, quote, legitimate rape. his spokesman says there have been multiple threats made against the congressman, his family and staff. capital police say their investigation is active and open. they will not release any other details about this case. the retired navy s.e.a.l. who wrote a book about taking part in the co-work raid that killed osama bin laden could face legal trouble. he wrote the book under a pseudonym mark owen. legal eggs perts experts say he could face a civil lawsuit for not seeking a military review before the book was published. he could also be prosecuted for revealing classified information. the book titled "no easy day" will hit shelves september 11th. the man accused of shooting a security guard due in court today. the grand jury indicted 28-year-old floyd corkins for last week's shooting at the headquarters. they recently supported the
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president of chick-fil-a who staunchly opposes same-sex marriage. in addition to a weapon and ammunition, corkins also had 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches with him. bizarre break-in at a d.c. bank of america branch. take a look. surveillance video shows a burglar herring a hazmat suit climbing through the wall. police say the suspect got inside through a vacant storefront next door. strikingly similar break-in was at teshtded at the same bank a year ago. that time the burglar did not wear a hazmat suit. in both cases, nothing was missing from the bank. the fbi is investigating. new this morning, nasa liftoff from cape canaveral is on hold. the space agency hoped to send two radiation probes into orbit. the mission was to explore some of the harshest hazardous regions of space in the van allen belts. the scientists have known the existence of the radiation belts for half a century but many of the details still puzzle them.
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they are 25,000 miles above the earth. the folks at nasa goddard space station usually find curious things in the skies, not in their backyard. they recently stumbled on two dinosaur tracks on the goddard campus in greenbelt, maryland. geologists believe the creatures that left the footprint were large plant eaters that weighed as much as a small elephant. they roamed the earth some 112 million years ago. experts say one track belongs to an adult and the second track seems to be a smaller version of the same creature, possibly a young dino following its mother. for the first time in 18 years a richmond home will be a lot quieter this fall. a set of quad drup lets are off to virginia tech. four siblinging just moved in their separate dorm room independence is the first time the school will have a quadruplet set. it's also the first time the three brothers and sister will live apart. sister kate is still hoping for weekly family time.
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>> we're a big catholic family, so going to church every family and maybe getting breakfast afterward is like a weekly thing, is really fun for all of us. >> they leave behind a 16-year-old brother. i'm guessing that's him in the middle there. he will stay home in richmond. >> first time apart. it's going to be strange for them, i'm sure, have some independence. >> nice to be on the same campus. >> poor parents and the tuition bill. oh, my goodness. let's get a look at the forecast now this morning. storm -- >> storm team 4 meteorologist. >> tom kierein has that. >> we're going get this, tom. >> good morning. starting off this morning. have some clouds passing over the region but no rain around. you should not have any trouble whetherwise getting off to work and school on this friday morning. there's no fog around either. this cloud cover coming in from the south heading north. all coming from a trough of low pressure anchored around the outer banks. it's going to be creeping along the atlantic seaboard throughout the weekend affecting our weather. right now, though, it's comfortable. we're in the 60s stlut maryland.
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virginia, the eastern shore. right near the bay waters near 70. farther west and north. temperatures in the mountains many locations down in the upper 50s to low 60. that includes much of the sh shenandoah valley. for the next several day, change is on the way for the weekend. it's choking me up. we'll have afternoon highs tomorrow near 60. and we'll have -- i should say near 80. 60s in the morning. we have a small chance of a passing shower tomorrow morning. but may be a greater chance unfor that u unfortunately showers tomorrow afternoon. that's coming from that coastal trough of low pressure that's going to be providing some more rain for the beaches. around the bay than it will farther west. and that is sunday we ought to be reaching the low 80s. maybe a little sun breaking up. but still a chance of a passing shower on sunday. then monday, looking partly sunny with highs in the upper 80s. and as we do get into tuesday, might get a passing front that could trigger some thunderstorms. after that, a bit cooler.
5:24 am
clouds around on wednesday and thursday. i'll be back in ten minutes. your first4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. and thanks, tom. and happy friday to you. checking travel speeds in our area, things look really good. pretty quiet. let's check first the dulles toll road. as you make your way eastbound from hunter mill road to the beltway, driving 58 miles per hour. that drive taking seven minutes. now, connecting to the beltway, traveling from the dulles toll road as you make your way toward the interchange here at 64 miles per hour. that drive taking 13 minutes. and checking the beltway in montgomery county. this time the outer loop from i-95 to i-270, 58 miles per hour. checking streets in d.c. things are quiet. not seeing any big accidents or reports of accidents really. still light volume. is a look as you make your way past new york avenue and florida avenue. now, back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. new autopsy report reveals drugs and alcohol contributed to the accidental drowning death of
5:25 am
rodney king. king died in his home in california in june. s fiance found him at the bottom of his pool. a medical examiner's report showed the 47-year-old had several drugs in his system, including pcp, cocaine, and marijuana when he died. in 1991 king was beaten by los angeles police officers. the officers triggered the devastating 1992 l.a. riots which killed more than 50 people. in news 4 for health, a warning about black licorice. a california company volunta voluntarying recalling tainted batches of candy because it has high levels of lead. the candy effected is called red vines black licorice twists. it's made by american licorice company of union city. it has label that reads best before 02-04-13. california health officials trying to track down where it was shipped. the worth outbreak of west nile infections ever. more than 1,000 cases of west
5:26 am
nile have been reported. 41 people have died. more than half of those deaths were in texas. officials there are conducting aerial spraying of insect side trying to stop the spread. on wednesday health officials in d.c. confirmed a 70ear-old woman tested positive for that virus. football fans may have been exposed to rabies. maryland health officials say someone at last friday's game reported a bat landing on a shoulder in the stadium's upper deck. the person brushed it off and the bat flew away. health officials don't know if the bat had rabies but others may have come in contact with the bat. a mysterious deadly illness is now in the united states. scientists say it acts a lot like aids except patients are not hiv positive. health officials say the illness can be mistaken for tuberculosis as well. patients often suffer from infections. right now researchers do not believe it's contagious or jennetgenetic genetic. most cases are in asia but a few
5:27 am
are here in the u.s. 73 degrees is our time right now -- temperature right now. coming up, weather and traffic on the ones. also, why haiti is especially vulnerable to tropical storm isaac. debate over what kind of water will be served at the next water will be served at the next presidenti
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looking at the stories making headlines. a man is fighting for his life after being shotted in ♪ head in the northeast. it happened just after 10:00 last night on rhode island avenue. not far from the rhode island metro station. today prince george's police are searching for the suspect who killed a 17-year-old girl. detectives say a man broke in to amber stanley's home late wednesday night and shot her. then ran off. this morning it appears lance armstrong will lose his seven tour de france titles. the legendary cyclist announced he is giving up the sight against the u.s. anti-doping agency. we will have much more throughout the stories. first, good morning the you. i'm eun yang. >> welcome back to "news4 today" on this friday, friday finally here. take a live look outside at 5:30 this morning. a little warmer than it has been on other mornings this week. tom kierein is here. at least no rain in today's forecast. >> getting a little spoiled, aren't we? >> we are. >> expecting it now every day but actually humidity has creeped back up again. it's feeling sort of like a
5:31 am
typical august summer morning. looking at what's been happening over the last 12 hours we've had this stream of cloudiness coming in from the south heading north. right over most of virginia and maryland and eastern and western virginia and eastern shore, all coming from a trough of low pressure that is triggering some showers and the outer banks. this trough of low pressure is going to be creeping along the atlantic seaboard through the weekend. as a result, we may get some showers as far inland as the metro area. during the day tomorrow, but right now, though, no travel problems weatherwise. just a few high clouds in the 60s throughout most of the region. a few locations in the mountains that dip down into the upper 50s and 60 in western maryland and west virginia. and for us, around our region today and the hometown forecast for great falls in fairfax county, by 7:00, 7:30 this morning, it will be in the mid 60s for the bus stop. watch out for the students around the region. getting off to school this morning. and by noontime in great fall, low 80s and partly sunny.
5:32 am
hour by hour for the region today, we'll have highs reaching the mid and upper 80s by mid afternoon. and we'll have some sunshine in and out. by late afternoon for your afternoon commute, should not have any weather problems travelingwise. we will have it down to the low 80s by late afternoon. a look at your friday evening, that's coming up in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. first 4 traffic report, going to start out in the oath, fire activity in between 13th street all of the way to congress street. please be aware of that and avoid the area. again, it's closed in both directions. now, utility work, still happening. as you make your way across the key bridge heading outbound. all the lanes are blocked. if you are able to get through, you will just have to follow directions in that area. checking the rails for you. no reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre. all are running on or close to schedule. aaron and eun? >> thank you, danella. all eyes are on tropical
5:33 am
storm isaac as it moves to the u.s. coast. the storm could impact parts of florida as early as sunday night. but its track seems to be taking it farther west. potentially making it a greater threat to the gulf coast. today haiti and the dominican republic are brace for isaac as a tropical storm could cause major damage. 4,000 haitians still live in tents and temporary shelters as the country continues to recover from that massive earthquake that hit two years ago. heavy rains could cause flooding and mudslides. deadly impacts in the past. international red cross are giving them public guibuildingsd schools. three days and a new poll says the race to the white house is too close to call in that key swing state. the latest quinnipiac poll says president obama has a slight lead over mitt romney in florida. 49%-46%. the poll says florida voters care most about the economy followed by health care and
5:34 am
medicare. >> and currently essentially a tie with the president being slightly ahead. you've got to be slightly ahead and slightly behind but it's too close to call race at this point. >> while campaigning in new mexico yesterday mitt romney released details on his energy policy. he said he would relax some current regulations and he vowed the nation would be energy independent by 2020. meanwhile, former president bill clinton warns against hitting roll backs of current policies in a new campaign ad for president obama. we will have complete coverage of the republican national convention. jewelry carry and i will bring you live reports from tampa starting sunday night. we'll also have live coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte the following week. 5:34. we may not know who is going to win the election this november but washington, d.c.'s park hyatt hotel is preparing for the inauguration. the hotel is offering an extravagant inauguration deal. five-day package from january 18th through the 22nd in the hotel's penthouse suite.
5:35 am
price for the package, $57,000. features a personal stylist, a chef, a private tour of the kennedy center and other perks. >> we also have a special five-course dinner at the chef's table. also for 12 guests, where executive chefs will prepare a five-course dinner paired with great american wines. each of the courses will feature the president-elect's favorite dishes. >> the w hotel and four seasons are also offering special inauguration prices for the big day. just a day after conducting a taste test, the d.c. water and sewer authority want to serve tap water instead of bottled water. tap water is a penny a gallon compared to bottled water which is 100 times more. schumer recently announced that new york-based saratoga springs water would supply water for the inauguration. >> last time i said that they still have to bottle it, if they use tap water.
5:36 am
apparently d.c. water is offering reusable water bottles to be able to do it. so maybe. >> it's cost effective and they're trying to prove a point that it tastes the same. >> yes. 5:36 is the time. coming up, amazon making a big announcement. what industry insiders think the company will reveal. plus, frightening video of a mother walking off a subway platform with her 4-year-old son in her arms. how it happened and how she said she will prevent it from ever happening again. how rain could interrupt your weekend plans.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. left center field. and over the wall! >> look. those are kids. these are little leaguers. california demolished texas to move on to the u.s. finals in little league world series. hans smith, baseball player's name, led the way with two home runs. california will play tennessee tomorrow. winner moves on to the finals against either panama or japan. >> very cool. my son plays little league. our producer's son max plays little league. if we could only get to the world series, how fun would that be. i don't want to put too much pressure on them. play for fun. they're young. let's take a look outside if
5:40 am
we can this morning. still pretty dark out there. a little warmer than what we've seen the last several mornings. storm4 meteorologist -- >> yeah. >> going to say something else? >> a little bit warmer. nothing to complain about. >> pleasant morning once again. not as cool as it has been the last few mornings. it has turned a little more humid overnight. right now we had just some high clouds passing over us. you might be able to see a little bit of venus and jupiter through the high cloud cover. it's going to be streaming south to north throughout much of the day today. a little peek of sunshine now and then. temperatures right now, not as chilly. low to mid 60s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax. near the bay waters. near 70. >> reagan national is at 74. eastern shore right near the bay, near 70. not very far inland to be in the 60s. upward kent island. and farther to our west, shenandoah valleys, many are in the 50s to near 60.
5:41 am
here's your hour by hour forecast for today. a lot of cludyness. noontime, some sunshine in and out. into the low 80s for your lunch hour. mid afternoon, ought to hit the mid and upper 80s. we'll have the clouds still quite prolific throughout the region, by late afternoon and over night tonight, too. here's your friday evening planner. if you're going out tonight, should just be cloudy and mild. a wonderful summer evening coming up. low 70s by midnight. change is on the way for the weekend. i'll have detail on that in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> a couple of things to look out for. first start in d.c. alabama avenue, southeast close in the both directions. this is between sthirnth street and congress street due to fire activity. let's head over to route 50, this time in maryland heading eastbound at route 450 west street. two of your left lanes are blocked by your crash in that area. if you're taking the beltway, outer loop, new hampshire avenue, the accident here is
5:42 am
along the west side of the roadway. as you're trying to exit towards tacoma park you may be hitting the brakes just a bit. i did see an ambulance arrive just a few minutes ago. be aware of that. stick to the left to get by this incident in this area. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at weather and traffic. 5:42. 73 degrees. coming up, the dangerous assignment a missing journalist was on when his employees and family lost contact. who should pay, a fight to keep metro open late of nationals games and who should [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care.
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but nothing is free. obama is raiding $716 billion from medicare, changing the program forever. taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers. raising taxes on families making less than one hundred twenty thousand dollars. free healthcare comes at a very high price. the romney-ryan plan will restore medicare funding and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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welcome back at 5:45. the father of an american journalist working in syria says he hasn't heard from his son in more than a week. austin tice is a freelance reporter. "the washington post" says the 3
5:46 am
31-year-old sent time with syrian leaders in may and traveled to damascus and one of the few western journalists reporting from the capital. they are working with the state department to find tice. john lennon's killer will remain in prison for at least another two years. they denied mark david chapman's release for a request for the seventh time. he shot him in 1980. sentenced to 20 years to life in prison if parole board noticed chapman's good behavior but said the murder was a violent, cold, and calculated crime. james holmes made multiple threats before going on a shooting rampage last month in kol. holmes was barred from the university of colorado because of those threats, according to prosecutors. they say holmes' academic career was in tatters and the threats were made in an attempt to get revenge. holmes is accuse of killing 12 and injuring 58 when he opened fire on that theater during a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises."
5:47 am
georgetown man suspected of killing his socialite wife is on a hunger strike. psychiatrist says 48-year-old muth has stopped eating and had to be taken to an emergency room three times this month. muth is accused of killing 91-year-old viola drath last august. as a result of the hunger strike, doctors say they need more time to evaluate his mental state. they were supposed to submit a report on muth's competency yesterday in anticipation of his next hearing in september. we are following breaking news. d.c. firefighters just finished outputting out a fire in southeast washington. they had to rescue some of the residents using ladders. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on the scene. >> reporter: that's right. a few people had to be rescued. some folks were taken to the hospital. we still have five crews on the scene. although they are starting to pick up some of those hoses.
5:48 am
alabama avenue is closed in this section as well. deputy fire chief is here. talk a little bit about what happened here and the kind of damage we've got. >> well, you know, there occurred at approximately 4:45 this morning. any time we run a house fire, apartment fire in the middle of the morning like this, we're really concerned about life safety, obviously, especially in a multiple family dwelling. in this case we had a fire on the second floor of a three-story apartment building. smoke rises. when we arrived, not only did we have the fire to contend with, we had a lot of residents up on the balconies kind of screaming. turns out they were actually did themselves a favor by getting out of the apartment and going to the balconies. we put ladders up and removed residents that. we got here really quick, as we always do. we went inside and put the fire out. the fire originated and remained in the kich chin on the second floor apartment. we did transport two children and one adult to gw hospital for
5:49 am
observation. no significant injuries there. we evaluated several other adults and children on the scene. none of them needed to go to the hospital nor wanted to go to the hospital. so we had a real road ems assignment here just for the victims we had upon arrival. turned out we didn't really need them. the fire is under control right now. >> chief, thanks so much for joining us. so there you have it. we had a couple of transports here but nothing serious. nothing life threatening. they're hoping to get the road back open here within the next half hour. live in the northeast, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you in the studio. a frightening moment at a boston subway station. check this out. a mother walked right off the platform with her 4-year-old son in her arms, falling off the tracks. other passengers jumped right in to help and pulled the woman and her son to safety just in time. here's what the mother said happened. >> i was just rushing, thinking that, oh, that's train i'm
5:50 am
boarding. but that train was on this other platform. not on this platform. i just stepped on the track. >> the mother says she is done at riding a subway. she would rather pay $25 to park her car in boston than risk another fall. you can expect some delay iy in northern virginia this weekend. starting tonight several lanes of i-66 west at the beltway will be shut down. crews will also close ramps leading to 66 west. then starting sunday night, the southbound 495 ramp to 66 will be completely closed. during that time you will have to take the turnpike. everything will be back open by monday. all the closures are for work on the express lanes project. metro riders can also expect delays this weekend. crews will be making track repairs on the orange and red lines. red line trains will single track between medical center as well as between b takoma and forest glen. on the orange line buses will replace train on vienna and east
5:51 am
falls church for work on the silver line extension. all the work is expected to wrap up by monday morning's commute. the nationals appear to be on their way to the playoffs for the first time since returning together district but there's controversy over the playoff appearance. there is still no agreement on who will pay for extended metro service if the nats make the postseas postseason. the city says the team should pay for it. they shelled out $800 million to pay for nationals park. two met late last month. the nats is have a 6 1/2 game lead. figure it out soon. the weekend of reliving history. they'll renumerate the second bat of manassas. organizers say the weekend is designed to take it back in time and outline stonewall jackson's raid who was a confederate general, of course. three days of events at the hometown of what nasa will have an reenacter military parade and living history.
5:52 am
all right. 5:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. a touch more humid but still a beautiful summer day. >> wouldn't you agree, tom? >> i would. unfortunately there are changes on the way for these outdoor events for the weekend. >> no. >> i'm afraid the reenacting going on at manassas and outdoor events. unfortunately, yes, pay attention to the forecast. i'll tell you about those changes. but right now, though, we're off to a pleasant start. temperatures around the metro area, mid 60s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, near 70. 74. right near the day and low 70s. 60s farther to our west and southwest. way out here in the mountains, many locations are in the 50s again this morning where they've got a mostly clear sky. but for the blue ridge east that's where we got quite a bit of cloudiness. all coming in streaming up from the south from a trough of low pressure that's right along the outer banks down to the carolinas. that's heading farther to the north. it's going to be creeping right along the atlantic seaboard here
5:53 am
through the weekend. and unfortunately that is going to affect our weather here. it may bring rain as far west as the d.c. baltimore metro areas, down to richmond and points east. looking kind of wet for tomorrow. but for your morning commute, clouds around. by 7:00 a.m., upper 60s to around 70s. light wind. for your lunch hour, noontime temperatures will be in the low 80s. a little sunshine in and out. and by late afternoon, the clouds close back in as that trough creeps closer to us. it's going to be a warm afternoon. upper 80s. mid afternoon, low 80s by early evening. by dawn on saturday, cloudy. the 60s. and, yes, we might have a passing shower tomorrow morning. storm team 4 four-day forecast showing a possibility of an afternoon thunder shower tomorrow as well as perhaps off and on on sunday. otherwise, partly sunny. partly sunny monday, a little warmer. may get storms around on tuesday. cloudy, cooler, wednesday, thursday next week. i'm back in ten minutes with a
5:54 am
look at the latest on isaac and a look at traffic with danella. i'm tracking breaking news on the roadway. chopper 4 is live over the scene. here's what happened. the driver lost control of the vehicle and just drove off, veered off the roadway here. what's happening is the location. outer loop of the beltway. taking the ramp from new hampshire avenue southbound. this ramp was completely shut down. it is op open now but you're going to have to make your way around emergency response workers. you can see police are on the scene as well as fire. and again, the ramp is open. but you can see you're just going to have to use caution and drive slowly to make your way around it to continue southbound on new hampshire avenue. let's head over to southeast. the earlier apartment fire. the fire is out but the street is still closed as alabama avenue, closed in both directions between 13th street to congress street. 5:54. amazon could soon be upgrading its kindle tablet. the company has invited the press for an announcement in two weeks reportedly to unveil a new version of its kindle fire
5:55 am
tablet. the apple ipad remains king at tablet market but amazon is hoping the kindle fire is much cheaper price tag will help drive customers. apple is expected to announce a smaller ipad later this month, as well. kodak is selling off. cnbc's shartia brantley is live with that story and more. good morning. >> happy friday, eun. kodak is putting the business that helped put it on the map at the blue chip company on the block. it's looking to sell the camera film and document imaging operation so it can focus on commercial printing services. kodak filed for bankruptcy in january and hoped to emerge from chapter 11 sometime next year. earlier this year kodak announced it would no longer make digital camera or picture frames. on the housing front, mortgage rates are on the rise again, taking higher for the fourth straight week. freddie mac says the average rate on 30-year fixed loan is 3.66%, up from 3.62% the previous week. analysts say the move higher
5:56 am
likely reflects some recent positive news from the housing sector as new and existing homes rose last month and builders began work on more properties. back to you. >> shartia brantley. thank you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. ♪ high school football is king in texas. and my friends, this is the new castle. it is an all new $60 million stadium at a high school. allen high school north of dallas. the $18,000 seat venue opened with a rally last night. features that high definition scoreboard. you just saw some luxury boxes for the boosters and a three-floor press box for scouts and coaches. the stadium was funded by a $119 million bond package approved by voters. >> this is for high school football players. i'm sure there are some pro sports players saying, wow, these are for kids? >> you know, the nbc series "friday night lights".
5:57 am
>> yes. >> football is huge down there. we know that. clearly, the people who live there say, you know what, we'll put up the money. >> can you imagine elementary schools? all right. if there was any doubt that washington is excited for its new starting quarterback, here is some extra proof. museum projected a 74-foot tall video of robert griffin iii on the face of the building last night. how cool is that? it is in honor of rg3's home debut tomorrow night against the indianapolis colts. projection stayed up until about midnight. no word if it will go back up again tonight. a spokesperson called it a community welcome to washington. here, here. you can watch rg3's home debut right here on nbc4. his face-off and andrew luck starts off. you know who i'll will doing. as the cycling word reacts to surprise news lance armstrong is dropping his fight on doping charges. startling video puts you in the driver's seat a moment a ride-on bus loses control and
5:58 am
plows into a home in silver spring. a warmer morning and a mess on the roads. danella has the details when "news4 today" continues.
5:59 am
a bombshell for the cycling world this morning as lance armstrong is stripped of his tour de france titles after


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